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Webcast - Streaming Video:
Live webcast - video streaming! Watch the stream anywhere in the world!

With an emphasis on high-quality video production for live events,the Colorado Sports Cast Network moved to the forefront in a rapidly growing streaming video industry. Fans all over world can watch our live video webcast from any computer with high speed internet.  Not available to watch the live stream?, no problem! - we archive all our webcast on our clients site for 1 full year for viewing at your convienience.

Our clients have used our webcast as a major fundraising event.  Sponsors love the opportunity to advertise on our webcast via commercials and live game guest. We also provide coaches shows at local establishments - another great fundraising opportunity for your program.

Our webcast package includes.

    Live Video and Audio Package:

  • Live Video Webcast - Fans anywhere in the world can watch live.
  • Post Game Interview with Coach & Players
  • Archive Replay - Fans anywhere in the world can watch the replay
  • Raw DVD for TV after the Game for Coach
  • Edit DVD for TV for Booster Club/Program
  • Sponsor logos on Denver Post Archives (great advertising for sponsor)
  • Sponsor read-in Commercials (fundraising)
  • Sponsor Interviews (fundraising)
    Audio Only Package:

  • Live Audio Webcast (like radio) - Fans anywhere in the world can listen live
  • Post Game Interviews with Coach and Players
  • Sponsor read-in Commercials (fundraising)
  • Sponsor Interviews (fundraising)

View our full webcast schedule - click here.

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